Courses Offered

Control Tactics


This course is designed to teach law enforcement officers techniques to use in everyday duties such as escort holds, grip/clothing breaks, handcuffing, takedowns, choke defense, weapon retention, self defense and ground skills



This course will teach Use of Force, articulation and after care considerations after the use of the Collapsible/Expandable, Side Handle (PR-24), and Straight Baton​

Ground Skills


This course is designed to teach Officers how to win a ground attack. Concepts taught will include teaching officers to transfer to their equipment while on the ground, using their legs to break down and dislodge the subject, then disengage, tactically standing up and transitioning to other force options. This class will be taught inside in a clinical environment and then practiced in real environmental conditions such as outside environment, This course is custom tailored to the enviroment/area specific to you operate in.​



This course will instruct you on methods for handcuffing, nomenclature, law on restraints, searching, standing and prone techniques, how to safely stand people up from the ground, and removal of handcuffs. 

Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray)


This course will cover the use and application of pepper spray(oleoresin capsicum) for civilians and law enforcement. As well as Use of Force, Articulation, and Aftercare of subjects exposed to pepper spray.

Defensive Tools


This course will cover the use and application of close quarter defensive tools (Talon, Kubotan, Pens, Keys etc) for civilians and law enforcement. Use of force and articulation topics will be discussed. 

Self Defense


The purpose of this course is to keep you physically and legally safe. Designed to teach people to be street smart, aware of their surroundings, ground skills, choke breaks, grip breaks, environmental weapons, use of the Talon, and pen techniques. This is a use of force, fear based course. Also offered as a women's only class.

Martial Arts


Individual and group classes offered in a variety of disciplines such as Judo, JuJitsu, Karate, and Taiho Jitsu as well as other martial arts. Rank testing is also available. Please contact us for further info.