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One On One Control Tactics (O3CT) is designed for the realities of law enforcement officers, the conditions they work in, and the restrictions placed on them by the public, department policies, as well as state and federal statutes. 

It is one of the few systems to integrate handcuffing into its overall methods - teaching officers to establish and maintain control prior to the actual application of handcuffs.

​Developed by Steven Jimerfield, a retired Alaska State Trooper, O3CT allows you to control subjects throughout the contact, from first approach to arrest and handcuffing - in various situations including: standing, prone, actively aggressive, inclement weather, inside vehicles, and in confined spaces. 

The system gives you the skills to control and restrain suspects wherever the job may take you. The system is medically reviewed and supportedas safe for officers and suspects. 

It is a court defensible system with documented support in its effectiveness and low instance of complaints or injuries.

 Expert testimony and medical review of techniques are available.

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 O3CT teaches you skills to safely control the cooperative/compliant suspects who make up 97% of your contacts. 

Now as for the other 3%...don't worry - they're what inspired the system. 

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