Sarwan Boodram

Sarwan started his training in the martial arts in 1969. At that time time he and his family were practicing martial arts with prominent instructors in Trinidad. As the youngest member of his family, his family members took turns training Sarwan in in various styles of martial arts such as karate taekwondo and jui jitsu. In 1976 Sarawan began formal training in an eclectic form of hard style bare knuckle fist fighting and kicking. In the years to follow, he became well respected for his achievements in local tournaments and was a member of a traveling team of martial artists who won gold medals in Curacao.

In 1980 Sarwan enlisted in the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment and served as the Military Combatives Instructor for recruits. In 1983 he joined the Army Special Forces and was specially trained by military training teams from the British Special Service(SAS) and several United Staes Special Force Groups(SFOD) deploying on many covert, dangerous special operations for the Defence Force. He quickly rose in rank and achievement and became well respected for his martial arts skills, practical fighting ability and tactical skills. He underwent Officer Training at the Canadian Forces Base, Gagetown, New Brunswick in 1995. Later he advanced to the Infantry Captains' Career Course at the United Staes Army Military Installation's School of Infantry at Fort Benning, Georgia. In 2005 he attended a course of training at the Israeli Military Industries Academy for Security and Anti Terror as part of his preparation for Anti Crime Operations for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. He holds a certificate in Physical Education from the University of west Indies, Trinidad and in 2008 he graduated with a Master of Sciences degree in Security and Risk management from the School of Criminology, University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

He was actively involved in the development of Police Training programs and has produced official restricted training manuals in Officer Survival Tactics, Use of Force, One On One Control Tactics, Handcuffing, Searching, Baton training, Surveillance Operatives, Reality Based Personal Protection and Israeli Krav Maga course for entry level recruits at the Army Learning center, The Specialist Crime Academy, The National Security Training Academy and other military, law enforcement and security arms of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Today, he continues to serve all these functions as the Director of the Combat Readiness Program. His many students include military, police, security and a large number of civil ail professionals in Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, Barbados and Antigua. His service to God and country continues as a Army Reserve Officer in the rank of Major with over 30 years of Army and Law Enforcement experience and training with elite units from around the world.

Major Boodram's action in live combat experiences span active involvement in the military's preparation for the invasion of Grenada in 1983, the 1990 Attempted Coup in Trinidad, for which he was highly decorated by the government of Trinidad and Tobago for Anti Terrorist action and in numerous covert anti drug operations in support of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service as the Commander of the Special Operations Group and the Special Forces Operational Detachment of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. In 2004 he became the commander of an elite Joint National Security Direct Action Counter Terrorist Unit, comprising specialists from Police and Defence Force Special Forces. This team worked in support of TTPS Investigators to track down and apprehend kidnappers and to rescue and recover victims, with great success.

In addition, Sarwan has served as the Corporate Security Advisorfor the international company Atalantic LNG, developing its security policies and interfacing on international fora, representing the security interests of the company.

​He has also functioned as a Security Consultant to Tourism and Energy Industries and a Special Advisor on National Security Infrastructure of the Energy Industries. 

Some of his other accolades include:

Certified Personal Protection Specialist

Tactical Support Team Commander on FBI Director's visit to Trinidad and Tobago

Officer in Charge- Defence Force Martial Arts Team(TTDF)

Director- Defence Force Combatives Program

Physical Training Officer of TTDF

​Major Boodram is the founder and director of the Combat Readiness Program, which represents Eyal Yanlilov's Krav Maga Global of Israeli, Jim Wagner's Reality Based Personal Protection of the United States. Sarwan is also an Instructor trainer in One On One Control Tactics and Special Forces Survival Tactics in the Caribbean.

Sarwan has authored a book on his principles and concepts titled: Personal Safety, Self-Defence Awareness & Assault Prevention.