Tim Kuth

Tim Kuth began his law enforcement career in the Coast Guard in 1991. He started civilian Law Enforcement in 1995 serving at the Gravette Police Department, moving to the the Lowell Police Department in 1999 where he promoted to the Captain of Operationsand. Tim Kuth then promoted to Chief.

 Chief Kuth has taught Defensive Tactics at the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy the past 14 years. He has directed the ALETA Team the past 7 years. He was also the lead firearms instructor for the state academy for three years. He has served as Leader of the Special Response Team, Criminal Investigations Division, Patrol and Dispatch.

​Chief Kuth has trained in martial arts since 1986 with Chinese Boxing, Wrestling, Kenpo Karate, Aikido, Jujitsu, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Sambo, Muay Thai and Taiho-Jitsu. Kuth is an advanced instructor trainer under Steven Jimerfield in One and One Control Tactics. He also holds instructor certifications in Pressure Point Control Tactics and an instructor in GRACIE law enforcement system.